Thursday, August 13, 2009

Turkey, Bacon, Avacado Sandwich

No, you probably don't need a recipe for a sandwich.
But I want to remember this one.
It made me moan and sigh with absolute pleasure.
A sandwich to write home about.
Not kidding.

I started with a whole grain sandwich roll.
I cut some beautiful lettuce and placed it on bottom.
I poured a little bit of pomegranite balsamic vinegar (it didn't have to be pomegranite, it's just what I had on hand).
I cut a ripe off the vine tomato and placed 3 slices on top of that, soaking up some of that vinegar.
I used the salt and pepper grinder on top of these.
I placed some wonderful deli sliced turkey on top, crisp bacon and some creamy avacado.

It was a sandwich.
A delicious heavenly moment of bliss.


Mamaappah said...

Looks so good, my husband is crazy to not like avacado.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm...this sandwich looks so good! I love avocado and bacon. I am seriously thinking of making myself this sandwich tomorrow...maybe with some alfalfa sprouts added.
I love your blog!

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